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The Magic Of Acoustic Guitar Music

Plamen Panov (Pacco)

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Cannonball Rag – Fingerpicking

Give Me All Your Love Tonight – Plamen Panov (David Coverdale cover)

Angelina – Plamen Panov (by Tommy Emmanuel)

Windy And Warm

Folsom Prison Blues – Plamen Panov

Day Tripper – Plamen Panov (The Beatles)

My version of Angelina by Tommy Emmanuel with my new Maton Guitar signed by Tommy 😉 I use a soft thumb pick for this tune.

Cabana Samba – An old tune for two guitars known to me by my old teacher Alexander Petkov

Pacco’s Blues (by P Panov) & Stevie’s Blues (by Tommy Emmanuel)

My guitar interpretation of You Are The Sunshine Of My Life by Stevie Wonder

Classical Gass – Plamen Panov (like Tommy Emmanuel) My interpretation of this tune.

Cover of Harry Manx’s version of “Can’t Be Satisfied”

One of my own tunes for acoustic guitar Finger style (With a thumb pick) Tommy Emmanuel alike 😉

Don_tknow_why – Vyara Panova (by Norah Jones) Plamen Panov Acoustic guitar My Wife’s Debut

Hey Hey – Plamen Panov (by Eric Clapton) My version

Jolene – Vyara Panova, Plamen Panov – guitar

Hoochie Coochie Man -Plamen Panov (by Muddy Waters) My interpretation of the song

Stivies Blues – Plamen Panov summer in Varna 2010 An acoustic guitar tune from Tommy Emmanuel.

You Fill Up My Senses – Vyara & Plamen Summer in Varna 2010 Non Walls version of the John Denver’s song

On the road again & Country road take me home – Richo & Pacco (Hristo Penkov & Plamen Panov) Summer in Varna 2010

Pacco’s Blues (by P Panov) & Stevie’s Blues (by Tommy Emmanuel)

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